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SMBI, a worldwide innovator in natural milk-based products and wellness ingredients.
The Milk of Human Science
Company History

Company HistoryThe SMBI story began in 1958 in Lebanon, Ohio. After studying the work of milk research pioneers Paul Ehrlich and William Petersen, a prominent Lebanon dairy farmer named Ralph Stolle developed an innovative method of enhancing the health benefits of milk.

Mr. Stolle's proprietary approach was to change the methods and procedures for managing the health and well-being of dairy cows. The use of hormones and antibiotics were strictly forbidden and special treatments were developed to stimulate the cows' natural production of immune factors in the milk. Milk collected from the cows managed under the Stolle system was frozen fresh, given to subjects and proven to provide important human health benefits. Next, a process was developed to spray-dry the milk, creating powdered milk containing the same protective antibodies as its frozen counterpart.

Having perfected his spray-drying process, Mr. Stolle then began a 28-year continuous survey of the health benefits of his powdered skimmed milk - discovering a vast assortment of wellness-promoting applications. For much of this time, he kept his discoveries a trade secret, but eventually was issued several patents for his milk technology. In 1961, Mr. Stolle founded a major research company dedicated to enhancing the healthful benefits of milk.

Through the years, SMBI has received more than 250 patents worldwide. Among the scientifically proven benefits associated with SMBI milk technologies are properties that complement the body's anti-inflammatory response, enhance antibody function, assist in improving athletic performance, help reduce tenderness in joints, promote the lowering of blood pressure, and assist in reducing damage to lungs caused by airborne irritants.

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