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The Milk of Human Science
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For centuries, people have consumed milk solely for its nutritional benefits. However, scientists have also been amazed by milk's ability to help maintain healthy vital organs and tissue.

The fact is, from the moment of birth, mammals depend on milk for much more than vital nutrients. Throughout the animal kingdom, mother's milk also provides a diversified range of protective factors to help defend newborns against potentially harmful germs and bacteria.

Scientific studies prove that although milk differs from species to species, milk from one species may benefit another by complementing the body's natural anti-inflammatory response, as well as assisting antibody function and improving athletic performance.

SMBI has become a worldwide innovator specializing in natural consumer milk products as well as ingredients used in the development of food, medicinal and nutritional supplement applications. SMBI scientists are continuously researching the potential of nutritionally enhanced cow's milk to assist in improving overall health and well-being by supplementing the body's own ability to maintain wellness. In addition to the anti-inflammatory, immune and athletic benefits they can provide, it is believed that SMBI milk products also have the potential to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, lower blood cholesterol, protect lungs, improve intestinal health and strengthen arteries.

While SMBI milk has many healthful properties, it is essentially the same in natural composition as that of normal cow's milk. SMBI healthful milk is produced in New Zealand, a global dairy leader and a land of natural purity that is setting new standards of environmental awareness. The milk obtained from cows using the SMBI process is subject to New Zealand's stringent health and quality standards.

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