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Creating healthier lives with innovative milk ingredients
The Milk of Human Science
Consumer Products

Manufacturers of food, medicinal and nutritional products are continually searching for the most innovative ingredients to improve the consumer appeal of their applications.

SMBI milk technologies have the potential to become the basis for a wide assortment of ingredients that can promote specific healthful benefits in the human body.

For example, SMBI's milk technologies have been extensively researched and proven in scientific studies to help complement the body's natural anti-inflammatory response, as well as assist antibody function and improve athletic performance.

Examples of new consumer products fortified with SMBI milk ingredients include:

Stolle-Q™, a powdered health drink fortified with Stolle Milk Concentrate, is being sold door to door in Korea by Pulmuone.

Stolle Dent™, a new toothpaste, is being sold through multi-level marketing by Lanfar International in Taiwan.

Stolle Nutritional Tablets™ fortified with Stolle milk ingredients are distributed throughout Japan by Kanematsu Wellness Corporation.

SMBI milk ingredients will soon be available for the fortification of foods, beverages, vitamin products and nutritional supplements in the USA and Europe.

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