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Improving the health benefits of nutritional supplements, foods, and pharmaceuticals
The Milk of Human Science
Consumer Products

The research findings and scientific advancements SMBI has made in milk-based technology have resulted in consumer milk products and ingredients that help to enhance health and well-being.

For manufacturers of foods, medicinals and nutritional supplements, SMBI ingredients have been proven to be beneficial when utilized in the following applications:

With SMBI milk ingredients as part of their formulations, food manufacturers have the ability to develop potential applications that promote wellness and address specific health needs. SMBI's patented milk technologies are particularly well-suited to dairy-based products. Applications can be tailored to enhance the health-related aspects of milk drinks, yogurts, dairy desserts and puddings.

Among many other potential applications, SMBI milk products can be included as part of possible formulations that help control inflammation, promote healthier antibody and immune functions, assist in the relief of arthritis, help reduce damage to lungs caused by cigarette smoke, and help lower blood pressure.

Nutritional Supplements
SMBI milk products have been scientifically proven to help enhance athletic performance. When formulated as part of sports drinks, nutrition bars, vitamin products and other healthful supplements, SMBI milk ingredients have the potential to significantly improve the overall performance of athletes.

Additional Applications
SMBI milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolates are also available, depending on customer and application needs.

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