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The innovative advancements that SMBI has made in milk-based technology have created several potential healthful applications for SMBI milk products.

Among the health benefits that can be imparted by SMBI milk products are: complementing of the body's anti-inflammatory response; promotion of improved antibody function; and enhancement of athletic performance.

The SMBI research team, together with a number of independent scientists and investigators, has published a series of scientific studies demonstrating the health benefits of SMBI milk products.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits:
Injury or disease in the human body will often trigger inflammation in body tissues and organs. If prolonged, inflammation can lead to structural and functional damage. To protect itself, the body produces natural anti-inflammatory factors by releasing chemical mediators.

The results of research studies published in independent peer journals clearly demonstrate that SMBI milk products help to relieve inflammation and help protect against structural and functional damage caused by acute and chronic inflammation. SMBI milk products have been scientifically proven to achieve these results by enhancing the body's natural response.

Antibody Benefits:
Antibodies are produced in the human body as a way for the body to defend itself naturally against infectious diseases and toxins. As far back as the late 1800's, scientists discovered that animals could be stimulated to produce certain antibodies in their milk - and these antibodies help to improve milk's ability to contribute to wellness.

SMBI's extensive research studies in milk science have led to the development of antibodies that have a beneficial effect on the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Athletic Performance Benefits:
Scientific evidence has existed for many years suggesting that milk reduces aches and pains in athletes and improves overall athletic performance. To test this theory, SMBI conducted a double-blind study among 18 marathon runners.

For 6 months, half the runners consumed SMBI milk products and the other half consumed "control" milk. At the conclusion of the 6-month study period, 70% of the runners who had consumed SMBI milk reported improvements in their athletic performance. Among the significant improvements reported were shorter recovery times (days between training or racing). Other benefits included a decrease in the percentage of body fat found in the group that had consumed SMBI milk.

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