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canoeSMBI receives three U.S. patents for breakthroughs in milk research

SMBI (Stolle Milk Biologics, Inc.), a worldwide leader in wellness-enhancing products derived from milk-based technology and the foremost innovator in milk science for more than 40 years, has been granted three new U.S. patents relating to the Company's advancements in milk research.

SMBI currently holds more than 250 patents overall in the field of milk science. Through extensive clinical trials conducted over the past four decades, SMBI milk products have been scientifically documented to assist in strengthening the body's immune function as well as helping to complement anti-inflammatory response and promote enhanced athletic performance.

The first of SMBI's new patents, No. 5,980,953, is entitled "Anti-Inflammatory Factor, Method of Isolation, and Use". Its inventors are SMBI president, Dr. Lee R. Beck, along with Dr. J. Peter Fuhrer. The invention relates to SMBI's methods for isolating the anti-inflammatory factor from milk and also for purifying the factor to improve the ability of milk micronutrients to provide important health attributes.

The second patent, No. 6,054,124, is entitled "Immune Suppressive Product". Its inventors are Lee R. Beck, and Ralph J. Stolle, a milk research pioneer who began exploring the wellness potential of milk in 1958. This patent relates to SMBI's development of technology that utilizes milk micronutrients in enhancing the body's immune system and its ability to control allergies.

The third patent, No. 6,056,978, is entitled "The Use of Hyperimmune Milk to Prevent Suppression of T-Lymphocyte Production". Its inventors are Lee R. Beck, Atsunori Ishida, Yasunobu Yoshikai, Shinji Murosaki, Chiharu Kubo, Yoshio Hidaka and Kikuo Nomoto. This invention relates to SMBI's discoveries in using hyperimmune milk to prevent the decline of immunological functions due to aging and other conditions that compromise the immune system.

SMBI is owned by the Specialty Group LLC of Spencer Trask, a leading international venture capital and private equity firm which has provided financial services and financing to many of today's most innovative biotech companies.

For further information about SMBI's many patents in milk research and its vital advancements in milk-based technology, contact SMBI at 4735 Devitt Drive, West Chester, Ohio, 45246. Phone: (513) 489-7997 Fax: (513) 489-7267.

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